Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SP9326: April 2012 - Satellite watching

Only managed three trap nights at home all month - the results speak for themselves. Two examples of the The Satellite were noted - both of the white colour 'form'.
Over the years I've watched man-made satellites pass overhead, this is usually best a few hours after dusk. The 'Mir' space station was quite bright but was ditched some years ago. The ISS is visible (check a 'prediction' website to find out when and where). It will often suddenly appear, travel an arc, and then disappear as it comes out from the Earths' shadow and then back in. Other satellites can be seen too, although less bright - some even appear to flash on and off as they rotate, catching sunlight on more reflective components. Travelling relatively fast and direct they don't 'twinkle' like stars, and don't have coloured lights like an aeroplane.

1852 Brindled Pug
2256 The Satellite
List for SP9326: April, 2012

1524    Emmelina monodactyla    1
1852    Brindled Pug    1
1862    Double-striped Pug    1
2182    Small Quaker    1
2187    Common Quaker    2
2188    Clouded Drab    2
2190    Hebrew Character    1 
2256    The Satellite    2

Total: 8 species in 3 trap sessions