About SP9326

SP9326 - refers to the Ordnance Survey area of 1 square km in south-west Bedfordshire (vice county 30), and is the location of the trap-site in my (small) back garden. There is a brook not too far away where poplar and willow tree species are dominant. Also close by is a sandpit, with rougher areas (no - not the council estate). Unfortunately much of this land is due to be developed.

The garden with a 'Ratface Special' Skinner trap
TL0024  is a private, industrial site, with permission to trap. It has water, reeds, shrubs and young woodland amid a sea of arable fields.


I was born at the age of zero, and was first introduced to moths by a school pal in my early teens. I remember him helping me to identify moths, some of which were in breeding cages. We used to write the names in Latin with black ink.

There then followed three decades where other branches of natural history were pursued (mainly birds).

In 2009, I started trapping in the garden with a basic 15w actinic Heath trap from Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies. This trap is ideal for 'beginners', but doesn't pull in a great deal - especially if there are other light sources to compete against.

In 2010, I obtained a 'Ratface Special' Skinner trap built by Matt Burgess. This vastly improved the catch which, with twin 15w actinic tubes, is not so bright as to annoy the neighbours.