Monday, November 28, 2011

SP9326: W/Ending 27/11/11 - Scarcely anything...

Tuesday night saw a Tmin of 0.3 Celsius, not before a Scarce Umber  was found on the Heath trap - the 'Ratface' Skinner was drying out from the previous night.... The only other moth was a rather worn specimen of The Chestnut.
1933 Scarce Umber
2258 The Chestnut
List for SP9326: W/Ending 27/11/11

1933    Scarce Umber    1
2258    The Chestnut    1

Total: 2 species in 4 trap sessions

Saturday, November 19, 2011

SP9326: W/Ending 20/11/11 - Scarce Umber

The weather continues fairly settled and mild with extensive fog over the weekend.

Finishing work in the middle of the night is no fun, but it does mean one can check the trap for goodies before they fly off /get eaten. So, at 3am on the 18th, I was pleased to discover two new* garden moths - Scarce Umber and Winter Moth, which rather justified continuing to trap after three blank catches this week.
1933* Scarce Umber
1862 Double-striped Pug
1799* Winter Moth

List for SP9326: W/Ending 20/11/11

1799*   Winter Moth    2
1862    Double-striped Pug    1
1933*   Scarce Umber    1

Total: 3 species in 7 trap sessions

Sunday, November 13, 2011

SP9326: W/Ending 13/11/11 - Angle Shades

Continuing mild, fairly breezy.

Very little to report with one blank session and another interrupted by rain.

2306 Angle Shades
List for SP9326: W/Ending 13/11/11

1923    Feathered Thorn    2
2306    Angle Shades    1

Total: 2 species in 3 trap sessions

Friday, November 4, 2011

SP9326: 31/10/11-06/11/11 - Feathered Thorn

Mild, with plenty of rain around. Cooler, dryer and windier over the Guy Faulkes weekend.

 A Feathered Thorn was new* for the garden on the 3rd. A 'surge' of micros with 2 species on the 4th.

874 Blastobasis lacticolella
1923* Feathered Thorn
List for SP9326: 31/10/11-06/11/11

  874    Blastobasis lacticolella    1
  998    Epiphyas postvittana    2
1923*   Feathered Thorn    1

Total: 3 species in 3 trap sessions