Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SP9326: 23/08/15 - Pants

Tmin: 10.7°C; W: SSW 0-3 mph; P: trace;

Much cooler as temperatures dipped quickly after midnight, and, with predicted rain around dawn, the parasol was deployed.

870x Oegoconia sp.

Site:Leighton Buzzard: Garden
Total: 19 species/85 moths
15Hepialus sylvinaOrange Swift3
870xOegoconia sp.Oegoconia sp.1
998Epiphyas postvittanaLight Brown Apple Moth2
1293Chrysoteuchia culmellaGarden Grass-veneer2
1304Agriphila straminellaPearl Veneer5
1305Agriphila tristellaCommon Grass-veneer30
1306Agriphila inquinatellaBarred Grass-veneer5
1309Agriphila geniculeaElbow-stripe Grass-veneer8
1316Catoptria falsellaChequered Grass-veneer1
1524Emmelina monodactylaCommon Plume1
2064Phragmatobia fuliginosaRuby Tiger1
2092Agrotis putaShuttle-shaped Dart1
2107Noctua pronubaLarge Yellow Underwing8
2134Xestia xanthographaSquare-spot Rustic1
2293Cryphia domesticaMarbled Beauty3
2297xAmphipyra pyramidea agg.Copper Underwings1
2303Thalpophila maturaStraw Underwing3
2353Luperina testaceaFlounced Rustic8
2384Hoplodrina ambiguaVine's Rustic1
First - for - year
First - for - garden

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